Full-Mouth Restorations

Full-Mouth Restorations


At Access Dental, by using restorative and cosmetic procedures, we can restore your mouth to a healthy state.

Restoring Your Smile

Are you embarrassed about your smile? Have your teeth become worn, weak, discoloured, or chipped? Are some of your teeth missing altogether?

We can help! When you feel good about your smile, it can impact your entire life. You can gain back your confidence, leave a positive impression, and actually smile and laugh more, which releases endorphins and improves your overall wellbeing.

With a full mouth restoration, Access Dental will help the overall appearance of your smile. By using restorative and cosmetic procedures, we can restore your mouth to a healthy state.

Patient Care & Comfort

At Access Dental, we understand that having a full mouth restoration can feel a little intimidating for some patients. That’s why we always make our patient’s comfort a priority.

Each of our staff and dentists are personable and here to make your visit with us as pleasant as possible.

We will always take the time to listen to any concerns or questions to ensure our patients are crystal clear about their treatment options and feel comfortable with proceeding.

The Consultation

Once you are ready, we’ll begin with an initial consultation.

This is standard in order for patients and our team to identify issues, outline the patient’s wishes, and determine which specific areas of treatment are necessary for a personalized full mouth restoration.

Consultations generally include a conversation with the dentist that will discuss treatment options and rates, along with a comprehensive oral exam, a review of the medical history, x-rays and a referral for a CT Scan if required.

Outlining Treatment Plan

A complete full mouth restoration requires careful planning and coordination. After the initial consultation, the treatment plan will be outlined thoroughly. These plans often coordinate with other doctors as well, depending on the specialty procedures involved.

Types of Treatment Used

Performing a full mouth restoration can differ for everyone, depending on the individual needs. A full-mouth restorative treatment plan may include:

  • Veneers – for repairing crooked, cracked teeth or general aesthetic problems
  • Crowns – natural-looking durable porcelain is used to mimic the look of natural teeth good for covering inconsistencies such a size and shape
  • Bridges – can use beneficial for filling in gaps along a smile
  • Periodontal therapy – used to treat periodontal disease and support healthy tissue growth and gums
  • Endodontic therapy – also known as root canals, this is used to save teeth by removing infection in the root
  • Dental implants – used to replace missing teeth