Migraine Pain Prevention

Migraine Pain Prevention


Access Dental can help by customizing a small, comfortable, custom mouthpiece that can help prevent you from clenching your teeth while you sleep.

Splint Therapy

Are you suffering from migraines or tension headaches? Then you know just how painful and debilitating they can be. What if we told you there is a cost-effective, drug-free option that you can use to help reduce or avoid these painful symptoms altogether?

Access Dental can help by customizing a small, comfortable mouthpiece (a stabilization splint) that can help prevent you from clenching your teeth while you sleep.

How A Stabilization Splint Can Help

How does splint therapy resolve headache and migraine pain?

When worn, the splint will allow for your jaw muscles and ligaments to relax, therefore, significantly reducing headache triggers like teeth grinding and muscle contractions when worn at night.

A daytime splint can also be worn to help angle the bite into a position that can alleviate tension in the jaw and reduce your headache pain.

How A Stabilization Splint Works

To determine if your headaches are being caused by bruxism (teeth grinding) or abnormal muscle contractions, we’ll perform a full examination of your mouth.

If a mouth splint is required, we’ll determine which type of stabilization splint is best before taking an impression of your mouth and sending it off to the dental laboratory for processing.

Once we receive the finished product, we’ll call you back to pick up your stabilization splint and teach you how to use it properly.

When you wear your splint, it will allow your jaw to find a more comfortable position instead of being dictated by how the teeth fit together.

This further encourages your jaw joints to slide back into their correct anatomical positions which can help to properly align your jaw and reduce any pain that you may have been experiencing.

The Amazing Benefits

While many people believe a stabilization splint will be uncomfortable or difficult to wear, it’s actually rather small and unobtrusive. It won’t engage your gag reflex or cause you any discomfort when worn.

Not only can a stabilization splint reduce the triggers that cause your headaches but it can also help you avoid the need for tooth repair due to your clenching and grinding at night.

This means you’ll get more relief and help maintain the structure of your teeth.