What to Do if You Have a Broken Tooth



What to Do if You Have a Broken Tooth

Teeth are remarkably resilient. However, they can sometimes break, crack (fracture), or chip. At Access Dental in Grande Prairie, we treat all types of dental problems, including broken and damaged teeth. Damage to your teeth can occur in various ways:

– Trauma on the face or mouth
– Biting down on something tough
– Cavities, which weaken the tooth
– Falling and impacting your tooth
– Having old amalgam fillings that do not support the rest of the tooth enamel

If you have a chipped or a broken tooth, it’s essential that you see your dentist without delay. Your dentist would be able to determine whether the break or fracture was the result of a cavity and whether the tooth's nerve has come to any harm. If the nerve has become damaged, it would typically require a root canal treatment.

Some Steps to Take Before You Reach the Dental Office

– Rinse your mouth with warm water.
– Apply pressure using a piece of gauze to stop the bleeding.
– Apply a cold pack over the broken tooth, the lips or cheek.
– Take an OTC pain reliever.

If you would like to learn more about our emergency dentistry treatments, call Access Dental at (780) 532-0033 or reach us through our contact us form and we will provide the best services.

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