Simple Tips to Prevent Gum Disease

When it comes to practicing good oral health habits, most people focus on the condition of their teeth but rarely think about their gums. Striving to keep your gums strong is important in ensuring that your smile stays beautiful and you don't experience any serious oral health problems, such as gum disease.
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3 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions For Your Teeth

As the last few weeks of 2019 tick by, you're probably checking in on New Year's resolutions passed and trying to come up with new ones for 2020.

Was your goal to pay back debt or lose weight? Was it to make more time of yourself? We often make New Year's resolutions that are quite challenging to achieve. Don't feel guilt over missing a milestone when the bar was too high.
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Finding Top-Notch Dental Care in Grand Prairie

Have you bitten into a gumdrop and felt a sharp pain in your tooth? There is a possibility that you have inflamed gums due to untreated gingivitis, gum disease, or something more serious. There are many conditions that can result from your diet, smoking, drinking, genetics, and other habits as well as not keeping up with regular oral hygiene care.
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A Healthy Countdown to Christmas!

The holiday season is already filled with irresistible treats and countless sweets. The last thing you want to do is add MORE sugar to the list with advent calendars for your kids. At Access Dental, we are encouraging you to try a healthy alternative for your child this season. Let's skip the sugar and engage with your children instead. (Their oral health will thank you!)
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10th Annual Something to Smile About Day!

We're continuing to give Grande Prairie 'Something to Smile About!' This year we celebrated our 10th annual free dental service day on November 16th. We saw 74 patients and provided $30,000 in treatment! We created this day 10 years ago to give back to those who need dental services but are not able to financially seek treatment.
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De-Stress with Us!

November 6th is National Stress Awareness Day! Here at Access Dental, we find relaxation very important! That’s why our office is a spa-like atmosphere. To top it off, we offer a unique treatment while you are getting your teeth cleaned!
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Giving Thanks Back to Our Community in Grande Prairie!

'Tis the season to give thanks! At Access Dental, we brought our team together for a pot luck at the office to appreciate and give thanks to our wonderful staff. In addition, we also asked everyone to bring in donations to give to our local Food Bank. Just our way to give thanks back to our community.
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Healthy Seasonal Snacks

With fall in the air, you may be looking for some seasonal and healthy snacks. What says fall more than pumpkins? Pumpkin seeds are full of iron, which keeps your tongue healthy. They also contain magnesium which helps your tooth enamel. Magnesium works with calcium to create a hard enamel that resists tooth decay. Enjoy snacking on some pumpkin seeds this season!
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